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“Working for the Patagonian Expedition Race was without a doubt one of the most consistently challenging and rewarding experiences of my life. Patagonian Expedition Race attracts a team of talented staff from all corners of the world and provides tools and tasks that allow for constant professional development and creative growth. It is the responsibility of Patagonian Expedition Race staff to make projects happen so self-motivation is a must. Patagonia is a beautiful and safe environment and the race is an exhilarating experience.
I would recommend everyone take some time from their schoolwork to come work for Patagonian Expedition Race. If you make it a goal you will learn far more here than at school for the same expense as tuition.”

“Working at NIGSA is THE kind of rewarding experience in which Team Spirit prevail over many abilities. With versatility and initiative, you will be able to fulfill yourself in this incredible Human adventure. Try to belong to the Patagonia Austral and always challenge your own personality to make the most of it.”

“Working in NIGSA’s internship program for the Patagonian Expedition Race has allowed me to apply what I learned in University in a real business setting, develop my critical decision making skills as well as various creative marketing tactics. Beyond that, I’ve made great friends and business contacts from all over the world, and experienced true beauty in the untouched wilds of Chilean Patagonia. After this internship, I’m ready to take on any new challenge or adventure!”

“Working at NIGSA on the Patagonian Expedition Race, I was allowed to take responsibilities in my areas of expertise and interest that not only added value to the efforts of the organization, but also advanced my personal career development goals.  In addition, the professional relationships and friendships I formed while working at Nomadas have expanded my global network and ensured that I will come back to Southern Patagonia, Chile.”

“The idea of seeing the southern extreme of South America was always a dream. Patagonia is truly one of the last wild places left on Earth. NIGSA not only gave me the opportunity to live in this beautiful and extreme environment, but I was also able to advance my career with invaluable work experience. I was able to work closely with people from all over the world while being completely immersed in the Chilean culture. We all had a part in the preparation and design of the Patagonian Expedition Race, which gave us the chance to witness rarely seen parts of the Patagonian region while helping promote the conservation of this wild land. I will never forget my time spent in Patagonia working with NIGSA and I hope to return and be part of this event again.”
LEE – USA (Cartographic Technician)

“Working as an intern for NIGSA has been a truly exciting experience where I was able to extend not only my professional knowledge but also experience a great atmosphere in a truly magnificent setting. The Patagonian Expedition Race as well as the Patagonian International Marathon attract great and inspiring people who build a team set up by nationalities from all over the world. I was able to get insight on how a small team can manage such international events and I got an understanding of the extensive marketing and management operations. For my professional career, the internship helped me to apply the theoretical skills I studied at university and comprehend the different marketing and public relations instruments necessary to make such a sporting event successful. Next to this, I learned a lot about myself and am very happy to have experienced this exciting, challenging time.”
MIRJAM – GERMANY (Sports Marketing, PR & Event-Management)

Patagonian Expedition Race 2020