Patagonian Expedition Race® 2018

November 17th 30th

Thirteenth Edition

Documents and Certifications

  • Submit all of the following documents and certifications BEFORE September 30, 2018:
    • A medical certificate (not older than 6 months) by a qualified physician (for all team members).
    • A certificate emitted by a qualified instructor, school or institution proving that the participant has knowledge and experience in sea kayaking (for at least one of the team members).
    • Certification of their knowledge and experience with handling ropes, including crossing rivers, abseiling and rappel, fixed rope descending and ascending with mechanical ascenders.
    • A certificate of first-aid knowledge emitted by a recognized institution (for at least one member).
    • A digital copy of an international health insurance with full medical and hospital coverage in Chile in the event of an accident.
  • Withdrawals from the Race

    There are two options available for refunds:

    1. The team can either elect to receive, within 30 days of notification, a refund of 50% of the total payment paid. Meaning, should a team have paid 50% of the total registration and then be unable to participate, the team could be refunded 25% of the 50% paid.
    2. The team could also elect to credit 100% of the total paid towards the next edition. There would be no refund given, but, should a team choose neither to participate nor a 50% refund, it would only be available for the next edition. Should a team only have paid 50% to guarantee their team’s spot in the race, the same rule would apply, meaning the entire amount would be credited towards the next edition.

    Should a team withdrawal from the race after May 17, 2018, there will be no refund given. A team has the option of finding a replacement member for their team, dependent upon still fulfilling the aforementioned team requirements; however, should the team be unable to acquire a replacement, 75% of the previously paid total will be credited towards the next edition. If not used for the next edition, it will be lost.

    Inability to Participate in the Race

    • Reasons for not being able to participate in the race:
      • The team does not have all the mandatory equipment listed.
      • The team has not provided all the previous experience and certificates that certify their technical expertise and state of health compatible with the physical demands of this type of race.
      • That one or more of the team members fails to present the practical evaluation of specific disciplines, such as sea kayaking and ropes.
      • That one or more members of the team do not present the insurance required in article 15 of present regulations.

    *Note: A team’s registration entails that each member has throughly read the event’s Rules and Regulations.