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Patagonian Expedition Race® HALF PER 2019

October 27th November 02


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Registration is open!


  1. Complete the following registration form, being sure to fully read and understand all the instructions and policies listed within it.
  2. Upon clicking SUBMIT, the user will be be shown the link to Welcu, where he/she MUST pay his/her team´s pre-registration fee of $30.00 USD (plus commission) through an international credit card. The organization will not review a team´s application until payment is finalized.
  3. An email will be sent to the Team Captain, advising him/her whether their team has been accepted or not, within one month of completing registration, which will be accompanied by a special code and link in order to pay the registration fee should the team be accepted. Should a team not be accepted, there will be NO refund of the pre-registration fee.
  4. Once accepted, each team must pay at least 50% of the total registration fee, depending on the current stage of registration, within 15 days of receiving the registration code and link. If a team fails to pay within 15 days, their spot is not guaranteed and could be given to another team.
  5. All teams should note that payment of the second 50% should be made within the same payment period, which are listed below:
  6. Super Pre-VentaPre-VentaNormal
    17 Jan – 31 Jan 201901 Feb – 28 Mar 201929 Mar 2019 – 29 Aug 2019
    Team Price$1,600.00$1,800.00$2,100.00

    NOTE: There will be a commission added to the end of the payment in order to complete the online transaction.

    * If the name of the team includes a Sponsor, the team must pay an additional 10% of the first registration period ($1,800.00 USD).

    Included in Registration Payment

    Registration Includes:Registration DOES NOT Include:
    • Route Design and exploration
    • Control and transition points in strategic areas
    • Tracking center
    • Equipment transfer
    • Support Staff and Medical Team during the Race
    • First Aid, Search, Rescue, and Evacuation Teams
    • Sea or land transportation in case of race withdrawals.
    • Official Runner Shirt PATAGONIAN EXPEDITION RACE® HALF PER 2019
    • Official Elastic Cylindrical Headband PATAGONIAN EXPEDITION RACE® HALF PER 2019
    • Official Race Passport
    • Official bag adhesives for personal identification.
    • Transfer to/from Punta Arenas
    • Food / Race Supplies
    • Accommodation
    • Unspecified Services

    Documents and Certifications

  7. Submit all of the following documents and certifications BEFORE September 30, 2020:
    • A medical certificate (not older than 6 months) by a qualified physician (for all team members).
    • Certification of their knowledge and experience with handling ropes, including crossing rivers, abseiling and rappel, fixed rope descending and ascending with mechanical ascenders.
    • A certificate of first-aid knowledge emitted by a recognized institution (for at least one member).
    • A digital copy of an international health insurance with full medical and hospital coverage in Chile in the event of an accident. This insurance must include or be combined with an aerorescue insurance.

Withdrawals from the Race

There are two options available for refunds:

  • The team can either elect to receive, within 30 days of notification, a refund of 50% of the total payment paid. Meaning, should a team have paid 50% of the total registration and then be unable to participate, the team can choose to credit 100% of the payment towards the next edition.
  • After 30 days have passed since the payment was made, and a team decides to not participate in the event, the team cannot elect any form of reimbursement; however, with that being said, the team can choose to credit 90& of their payment towards the next edition.
  • Should a team withdrawal after the end of the registration process has ended, there will be no refund given. A team has the option of finding a replacement member for their team, dependent upon still fulfilling the aforementioned team requirements; however, should a team withdrawal for documented health reasons, the team can forward 75% of the total paid to the next edition. If the team does not participate in the next edition, the pending 75% will be lost.

Inability to Participate in the Race

  • Reasons for not being able to participate in the race:
    • The team does not have all the mandatory equipment listed.
    • The team has not provided all the previous experience and certificates that certify their technical expertise and state of health compatible with the physical demands of this type of race.
    • That one or more of the team members fails to present the practical evaluation of specific disciplines, such as sea kayaking and ropes.
    • That one or more members of the team do not present the insurance required in article 3.4 of present regulations.
    • That a team member commits errors related to sports ethics and conducts or shows aggressive behavior or offensive conduct towards other participants and/or the organization in this event or in others.

*Note: A team’s registration entails that each member has throughly read the event’s Rules and Regulations.