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Race 2022

Patagonian Expedition Race®


The Last Wild Race

Returns November 2022

The 14th edition of the Patagonian Expedition Race will take place from November 2022 in southern Chilean Patagonia, whose capital city is Punta Arenas. The race follows an expedition format, where teams composed of four competitors (at least one man and one woman) must use navigational skills to interpret a race map, which is presented 24 hours before competition, to find a route that will guide their team autonomously between disciplines, such as kayak, trekking, mountain bike, and/or others, in order to reach the finish line within a maximum time limit of 10 days. Race strategy, teamwork, and navigational skills are the key factors for completing the Patagonian Expedition Race.
The teams are composed of:
  • Four people, including at least one man and one woman.
  • One group member should be elected as team captain.
  • Group members are allowed to be from different countries.
For more detailed information about team requirements, please refer to the rules and regulations page available here.
In order to register, teams must meet the following requirements:
  • All competitors must have the physical and health conditions which correspond to the demands of this race. An accretive medical certificate, emitted by a qualified physician, must be submitted.
  • All competitors must be able to swim. Registration in this race implies that the competitor can do so.
  • All competitors must have knowledge and experience in SEA kayaking, and at least one of the team members must present a certificate emitted by a qualified instructor, school or institution.
  • All competitors must have certified knowledge and experience with handling ropes, including crossing rivers, abseiling and rappel, AND fixed rope descending and ascending with mechanical ascenders.
  • At least one members of each team must have knowledge and experience in orienteering, reading maps of any scale, UTM grid system, compass (including declination) and expertise in triangulation techniques.
  • At least one members of each team must possess first-aid knowledge, for which a certificate, emitted by a recognized institution, must be submitted.
  • All team members must pass the practical evaluations upon arrival prior to the race (example: rescue techniques for sea kayaks and rope techniques).
For more details regarding the race’s rules and regulations, please consult the event’s official Rules & Regulations.