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Patagonian Expedition Race 2016

The latest Press Releases for the 2016 Patagonian Expedition Race

March 2016

Patagonian Expedition Race Logo Last Wild Race

Press Release Patagonian Expedition Race – 3rd of March 2016


   PUNTA ARENAS, CHILE (March 3, 2016) — At 8:00AM, February 16th, 18 teams lined up at Faro Dungenes– the east entrance of the Strait of Magellan, a passage that connects the Atlantic and Pacific oceans –for the start of the 2016 Patagonian Expedition Race (PER). Eight days later, only four teams would cross the finish line. Confirming its reputation as one of the world’s toughest adventure races, PER 2016 featured long treks through virgin peat bog, dense forests and steppes, kayak sections along the shores of glacier outfalls, and a 272 kilometer bike ride into heavy, Patagonian winds.

   The return of PER after a 2 year hiatus saw the homecoming of three veteran teams: YogaSlackers and East Wind, who began competing in 2010, and GODZone Adventure, who began in 2009. All three of these teams…..READ MORE

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February 2016

Patagonian Expedition Race Logo Last Wild Race

Press Release Patagonian Expedition Race – 12th of February 2016


   PUNTA ARENAS, CHILE (February 12, 2016) — On February 16th, 72 athletes will endure the ultimate test of mind, body, and spirit in the 11th summer edition of Patagonian Expedition Race (PER). In what was deemed by the BBC “The World’s Last Wild Race,” teams will traverse untamed, remote, and varied lands, with route details only being released twenty-four hours prior to commencement of the race.

   With the return of PER comes the return of fierce competition among its legacy teams: British/US team GODZone Adventure, Japanese team East Wind, and US/Canadian team YogaSlackers. Challenged by a strong field of new contestants, these PER veterans will fight, once again,…..READ MORE

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November 2015

Patagonian Expedition Race Logo Last Wild Race

Press Release Patagonian Expedition Race – 17th of November 2015


   PUNTA ARENAS, CHILE (November 17, 2015) — After a hiatus marking the end of a 10-year competition cycle (2004 – 2013), the Patagonian Expedition Race is making a comeback in February 2016. In this 12th edition of what the BBC deemed “The World’s Last Wild Race,” 21 international teams of four will trek, kayak and mountain bike across hundreds of kilometers of previously unexplored territory. With a simple map and compass, racers will navigate through one of the most iconic places on this planet.

   In the past, racers have found themselves traversing the Southern Continental Ice Field, the Strait of Magellan, Torres del Paine, Tierra del Fuego and the Beagle Channel. This February, participants should expect to see dramatic landscapes, from…..READ MORE

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Patagonian Expedition Race 2012

February 2012

10th Anniversary of the Patagonian Expedition Race: Making it Posible — February 15, 2012

Patagonian Expedition Race – 10th Anniversary of the Last Wild Race — February 13, 2012

Press Kit – Patagonian Expedition Race 2012 — February 2012

January 2012

Esri Joins Patagonian Expedition Race in Plotting the Unknown — January 20, 2012

Patagonian Expedition Race 2011

February 2011

Racers Recount Experiences in Patagonia’s Wild Adventure Race — February 16, 2011

Brits Secure Hat-Trick in Dramatic Wenger Patagonian Expedition Race — February 15, 2011

Chilean Patagonia’s ‘Last Wild Race’ Kicks off in Support of Huemul — February 8, 2011

Brits Aim for Hat-Trick as World’s Wildest Race heads to Chile Icefield — February 2, 2011

November 2010

Icefield Plan for 2011 Edition of Chilean Patagonia Adventure — November 8, 2010

Top Adventure Race Raises Funds to Protect Endangered Species — November 8, 2010

Patagonian Expedition Race 2010

February 2010

Press Kit – Patagonian Expedition Race — 2010

Champions Retain Title as Half the Field makes it through the Frozen Race — February 22, 2010

British Team Takes Record Win in World’s in World’s Wildest Race
— February 15, 2010

Wild Winds Hit Starts of Patagonian Race — February 9, 2010

Switzerland Leads the First Day of the Wenger Patagonian Expedition Race — February 9, 2010

Champions Ready but Endurance Battle Begins Early for Some — February 8, 2010

January 2010

World’s Toughest Race Returns with Most Southern Course in History — January 2010