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The organizers

NIGSA is the company created to direct and coordinate all aspects of this international sporting event. Besides organizing and executing the Patagonian Expedition Race®, the non-profit organization offers additional services related to its exceptional location in Patagonia; including consultancy, logistical support management, as well as exclusive trips for corporate and VIP tourists – all tailor-made ventures following the “NIGSA”. These have been praised by clients such as the Wildlife Conservation Society, National Geographic Television, Chilean Ministry of Agriculture and Tourism Authorities, as well as Henry Paulson (former U.S. Treasury Secretary and member of the International Monetary Fund).

Branching out in 2008, a separate company called Nomadas Outdoor School was created. The ISO 9001 certified school aims to further open the doors to the natural world by offering educational courses that foster knowledge of the environment as well as teaching skills for exploration and adventure.

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