Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions page of the Patagonian Expedition Race Half PER. Here you may find answers to most of your questions. Should you have any other questions, feel free to contact us at

General Information

1. What are the primary differences between PER and HALF PER?

HALF PER is a simplified edition of the full expedition, covering half of the distance and half the race time to the original PER editions. Similarly, teams will be made up of half of the members to the original PER, meaning 2 members instead of 4. With regards to the race disciplines, the principal difference between the two is HALF PER does NOT include kayak. Lastly, there are no restrictions for carrying communication and navigational equipment, meaning GPS is permitted.

2. When will the next edition of Half PER take place?

The first edition of Half PER will take place from 27 October to 02 November 2019.

3. Where will the expedition occur?

It will take place in the heart of southern Chilean Patagonia. The region’s capital and place for all pre-race events is the city of Punta Arenas.

4. How can I arrive to Punta Arenas?

In order to arrive from any part of the world, the habitual route is to pass through Chile’s capital, Santiago, from where it is then possible to travel by plane, approximately 3-4 hours to complete, to Punta Arenas, in the Patagonia’s extreme south.

5. What race disciplines are included in Half PER?

Above all, Half PER is an adventure race carried out in a self-sufficient and non-stop form through Southern Patagonia, alternating among sections covered by foot and bicycle. The fundamental disciplines included in the walking sections vary among mountaineering, trekking and trail-running. In the biking sections, the participant has the choice between a Mountain Bike or Cyclocross. These disciplines are combined in any order and can be repeated more than once. Other disciplines, abilities and fundamental race strategies are the following: navigation and orientation with maps, compass and/or GPS; overall race planning; food and water management; first-aid knowledge; sleep dosage; and above all others, teamwork.

6. What is the Half PER route?

The race route is only presented 24 hours before the event’s start. The participants will also receive the official race maps and technical details for the route at this time. The race director will only provide a few general guidelines for the participants in order to arrive better prepared.

7. What kind of terrain will will the expedition take place on?

The race will primarily take place through virgin territories, passing along vast uninhabited areas of great scenic variety and strong climatic contrasts. It is a long journey across mountains, forests, peats, grasslands, and rivers, where teams will need to encounter bordering lakes, fjords entering the area, and large glaciers.

8. What are the event’s race distances?

The total race distance will be greater than 250 Km. For each section, between transition points, it can vary between 30 and 150 Km.

9. How long is the race?

It will depend on each respective team’s ability and difficulty of the particular edition, but the maximum time to complete the event is 5 days. The first teams will finish in 3 or 4 days.

10. Are there any age limits to participate?

Yes, all team members need to be at least 18 years of age by the event’s start date to compete in the event.

11. What are the reasons for not being able to participate after being accepted into the race?

Reasons for not being able to participate in the race:

  • The team does not have all the mandatory equipment listed.
  • The team has not provided all the previous experience and certificates that certify their technical expertise and state of health compatible with the physical demands of this type of race.
  • That one or more of the team members fails to present the practical evaluation of specific disciplines, such as ropes.
  • That one or more members of the team do not present the insurance required in article 3.4 of present regulations.
  • That a team member commits errors related to sports ethics and conducts or shows aggressive behavior or offensive conduct towards other participants and/or the organization in this event or in others.


1. What are the dates and prices of the registration periods?

Registration opens on on 17 January 2019, and will close on 29 August 2019, or when the maximum space available has been reached. The registration periods prices are available here.

2. What is included in the registration cost?

  • Route Design and exploration
  • Control and transition points in strategic areas
  • Tracking center
  • Equipment transfer
  • Support Staff and Medical Team during the Race
  • First Aid, Search, Rescue, and Evacuation Teams
  • Sea or land transportation in case of race withdrawals.
  • Official Elastic Cylindrical Headband PATAGONIAN EXPEDITION RACE® 2019 HALF PER
  • Official Race Passport
  • Official bag adhesives for personal identification.
  • Transfer to/from Punta Arenas
  • Food / Race Supplies
  • Accommodation
  • Unspecified Services

3. How can I register?

All teams interested in competing in the Patagonian Expedition Race Half Edition must complete the following process in order to both register and participate:

  1. Complete the following registration form, being sure to fully read and understand all the instructions and policies listed within it.
  2. Upon clicking SUBMIT, the user will be redirected to Welcu, where he/she MUST pay his/her team´s pre-registration fee of $30.00 USD (plus commission) through an international credit card. The organization will not review a team´s application until payment is finalized.
  3. An email will be sent to the Team Captain, advising him/her whether their team has been accepted or not, within one month of completing registration, which will be accompanied by a special code in order to pay the registration fee should the team be accepted. Should a team not be accepted, there will be NO refund of the pre-registration fee.
  4. Once accepted, each team must pay at least 50% of the total registration fee, depending on the current stage of registration, within 15 days of receiving the registration code. If a team fails to pay within 15 days, their spot is not guaranteed and could be given to another team.
  5. If a team fails to pay the second 50% within the same payment period, the team must pay the difference in the total price, which will depend on the current payment period.

  6. Submit all required personal certificates and documents on or before the the September 27, 2019. The required documents are:
    • A medical certificate (within the last 6 months) by a qualified physician (for all team members)
    • Certification of their knowledge and experience with handling ropes, including crossing rivers, rappel techniques, fixed rope ascending with mechanical ascenders.
    • A certificate of first-aid knowledge emitted by a recognized institution (for at least one member)
    • A digital copy of an international health insurance with full medical and hospital coverage in Chile in the event of an accident.

4. What are the requirements for entering the race?

All teams interested in the expedition must fulfill the minimum requirements:

  • All competitors must have the physical and health conditions which correspond to the demands of this race. An accretive medical certificate, issued by a qualified physician, must be submitted. Certificate must be not older than 6 months. Teams that have participated in previous editions cannot use their previous certificates.
  • All competitors must be able to swim. Registration in this race implies that the competitor can do so.
  • All competitors must have certified knowledge, meaning issued certificate, and experience with handling ropes, especially including the basics used for zip-line. It is the participant’s responsibility to train and be familiar with these techniques.
  • Even though HALF PER allows any type of tracking and orienteering technology (including GPS), at least one member of each team must have knowledge and experience in orienteering, reading maps of any scale, UTM grid system, compass (including declination) and expertise in triangulation techniques.
  • At least one member of each team must possess first-aid knowledge for which a certificate, issued by a recognized institution, must be submitted.
  • Both participants must be fully-aware that this activity takes place in the middle of nature, meaning his/her security is principally dependent upon the participant’s ability to problem solve during problems of crisis and decisions that dictate the race path. With that being said, both participants must be prepared to confront weather conditions that can be hostile at times due to the latitude of the race course, relative altitude and other typical characteristics to the climate in Southern Patagonia (wind, rain, cold and/or snow).
  • In order to accept a team, the experience and qualifications of both members will be considered, giving higher consideration to mountain and high-mountain activities, followed by adventure racing and also considering other activities such as trail running, mountain bike and other experiences that support ad hoc experiences to better confront the challenge involved in HALF PER.


1. What is the refund policy for HALF PER?

The refund policy is the following:

  • The team can either elect to receive, within 30 days of notification, a refund of 50% of the total payment paid. Meaning, should a team have paid 50% of the total registration and then be unable to participate, the team can choose to credit 100% of the payment towards the next edition.
  • After 30 days have passed since the payment was made, and a team decides to not participate in the event, the team cannot elect any form of reimbursement; however, with that being said, the team can choose to credit 90& of their payment towards the next edition.
  • Should a team withdrawal after the end of the registration process has ended, there will be no refund given. A team has the option of finding a replacement member for their team, dependent upon still fulfilling the aforementioned team requirements; however, should a team withdrawal for documented health reasons, the team can forward 75% of the total paid to the next edition. If the team does not participate in the next edition, the pending 75% will be lost.