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Last Wild Race - Patagonia, Chile
14th Edition

Patagonian Expedition Race®

Synthesis 2004 – 2018


The idea of the event began to sprout just before the year 2000, when geologist Stjepan Pavicic dreamt up, imagined and designed an event which would fit perfectly with the wild region of south Patagonian Chile. In the context of his vision, some of the fundamental concepts which he had to include in the design were: expedition, exploration, adventure, autonomy and teamwork. And so, four years later, in February 2004, Patagonian Expedition Race® was born. Although its original logo included the description “The Adventure At The End Of The World”, which remains to this day, the international press soon named it “THE LAST WILD RACE.”

Sections and Race Distances

Between 2004 and 2018, 12 editions of the race have taken place, which overall amounts to more than 7800 km of Chilean Patagonia’s southernmost region. Each event has included 6 to 10 race sections, alternating between gravel or mountain biking, trekking across wild and mountainous areas, and kayaking through large rivers, lakes and fjords. In total, those 7800 km correspond to 96 sections of racing, totalling more than 3600 km on bike, over 2600 km of trekking and more than 1500 km of kayaking.

The average total distance per race has been 652 km, with the shortest distance coming in the first edition, which measured 520 km. The largest ever distance was an exception in 2007, where the teams had to cover 1,112 km!

2004212 km41%140 km27%168 km32%520 km
2005295 km45%202 km31%165 km25%662 km
2006298 km38%241 km30%254 km32%793 km
2007506 km46%266 km24%340 km31%1.112 km
2008264 km48%234 km42%55 km10%553 km
2009226 km40%170 km30%172 km30%568 km
2010288 km51%220 km39%54 km10%562 km
2011248 km40%264 km43%105 km17%617 km
2012215 km38%218 km39%132 km23%565 km
2013381 km54%255 km36%65 km13%701 km
2016382 km62%207 km34%23 km4%612 km
2018295 km53%225 km40%40 km7%560 km
Total3.610 km46%2.642 km34%1.573 km20%7.825 km
Table of race distances per discipline and per year across the 12 editions between 2004 and 2018.
Graphic Distance PER History

Graphic of race distances per year across the 12 editions between 2004 and 2018.

Race Times

Across the 12 editions, the average time for the winning team to complete the race has been 6 days and 17.9 hours. The last teams to cross the finish line have done so in an average of 8 days and 14 hours, while the average time for all teams to have reached the finish, across every year of the Patagonian Expedition Race®, is 7 days and 2 hours. The longest time on course for a winning team was 12 days and 10.5 hours in 2007, but this edition was a notable exception in the history of PER, as 1,112 km had to be covered and only one team managed to reach the finish line in Puerto Williams, Isla Navarino: the French team TSL-La Clusaz (Jerome Bernard, Cathy Ardito, Frédéric Charles and Laurent Ardito). However, the 2013 race was another long one, as the winners completed the 701 km race in 9 days and almost 7 hours: the British team Adidas Terrex (Nick Gracie, Mark Humphrey, Sally Ozanne and Chris Near).

Graphic Distance PER History

Graphic of race times per year for the first and last teams across the 12 editions between 2004 and 2018.

Finishers and Winners

In the 12 editions of the Patagonian Expedition Race®, 136 teams have participated, of which only 55% have crossed the finish line. The year with the greatest number of non-finishers was in 2016, when out of a total of 18 teams, only 4 managed to complete the race – just 22%. In contrast, the editions with the most teams to finish were in 2004 and 2018, where in both cases, out of the 10 teams participating, 8 managed to cross the finish line.

Throughout the history of the Patagonian Expedition Race®, bearing in mind that each team is made up of four members from any nationality, the country which has had the most first-place finishers is the United Kingdom, of which there are 20. Behind them is France, with 11 racers in first place, while the countries with the most people finishing in second place are Spain (15), Japan (12) and Canada (8). Furthermore, the country with the most members in any of the top three positions is the United States, with 25 reaching the podium. The following graphic shows the statistics of the winners per country and per athlete:

Graphic Winners History PER

Graphic of winners per country for the 12 editions between 2004 and 2018. In this case, the nationality of each team member is taken independently.

Across all of the editions of the PATAGONIAN EXPEDITION RACE®, the runners who have most frequently been on the podium are the United Kingdom’s Mark Humphrey and Nick Gracie, with 4 first-place finishes, the North Americans Jason Magness and Chelsey Gribbon (2nd, 3rd, 3rd, 1st) and the Japanese Masato Tanaka (2nd, 2nd, 2nd and 3rd). Following them is Bruce Duncan from the UK (3x1st), Daniel Staudigel from the USA (2nd, 3rd, 3rd) and Yoki Takana from Japan (3x2nd). Other racers who have been on the podium twice include: Nicola Macleod, Andrew Wilson, Jerome Bernard, Laurent Ardito, Cathy Ardito, Frédéric Charles and Jari Hiatt (all 2x1st), Bruno Rey and Cyril Maragaritis (both 1st, 2nd), Urtzi Iglesias, Michitomo Yamakita and Saul Abril (all 2x2nd), Paul Cassedy (2x3rd) and Machiko Nishii (1st, 3rd). In the results section you can find the details for all of the editions.

SUMMARY 2004 2018

Below are tables explaining the sections and race distances for each edition of the Patagonian Expedition Race®, including the most important geographical references for each edition:

PATAGONIAN EXPEDITION RACE® 2018 / Twelfth Edition / 20 – 30 November
PER 2018 – DisciplinesFromToGeographical References & Notes
1TRK55 kmRoute PaineRoute MilodónCordón Chacabuco, Valle Tenerife, Cordon Prat, Paso Víctor Álvarez, Ultra Fiord Route
2MTB116 kmRoute MilodónFjord ObstrucciónRoute Y-290, Milodón, Puerto Natales, Lake Pinto, River Primero, penetrating path to Fjord Obstrucción
3TRK47 kmFjord ObstrucciónRiver NutriaValle del River Pinto, Fjord Skyring
4MTB147 kmRiver NutriaRiver CaneloRiver Verde, southeast coast of Seno Otway, River Grande
5TRK89 kmRiver CaneloEstrecho de MagallanesBrunswick, south of Lake Parrillar, Monte Tarn
6KYK40 kmEstrecho de MagallanesAgua FrescaMagallanes Strait, Fort Bulnes
7MTB32 kmAgua FrescaTres Morros4×4 Access to Tres Morros
8TRK34 kmTres MorrosPunta ArenasEl Andino Ski Center
PATAGONIAN EXPEDITION RACE® 2016 / Eleventh Edition / 16 – 26 February
PER 2016 – DisciplinesFromToGeographical References & Notes
1TRK34 kmFaro (Lighthouse) DúngenesEstancia Los PozosNorthern Coast of Magallanes Strait
2MTB272 kmEstancia Los PozosPuesto CorreaVilla Punta Delgada, River El Zurdo, Estancia Laguna Blanca, Cacique Mulato, Villa Tehuelches
3TRK76 kmPuesto CorreaRiver PrimeroAltos River Pérez, Paso Hambruna, Fjord Obstrucción
4MTB110 kmRiver PrimeroEstancia PeralesMilodón, Puerto Natales
5KYK6 kmEstancia PeralesAntonio VarasFjord Última Esperanza
6TRK56 kmAntonio VarasLast HopePenínsula Antonio Varas, Cordon Moore, west Fjord Erezcano, northeast Fjord Worsley, Lake Azul
7KYK17 kmLast HopeHosteria BalmacedaFjord Última Esperanza, Puerto Toro
8TRK41 kmHosteria BalmacedaEstancia PeralesUltra Fiord Route, Glacier Chacabuco, Paso Byron, Paso Abelardo, Valle River Tenerife
PATAGONIAN EXPEDITION RACE® 2013 / Tenth Edition / 12 – 22 February
PER 2013 – DisciplinesFromToGeographical References & Notes
1MTB108 kmPuerto NatalesLake GreyRoute Y-290, Torres del Paine National Park
2TRK118 kmLake GreyEstancia MercedesIctiosaurios, Glacier Tyndall, Lake Geike, Monte Balmaceda, Lake Azul, Peninsula Antonio Varas
3MTB38 kmEstancia MercedesCanal SeñoretPeninsula Antonio Varas
4KYK24 kmCanal SeñoretRiver HollembergPuerto Natales, Almirante Montt Bahía (Bay)
5MTB44 kmRiver HollembergRiver PrimeroLake Pinto, coast Fjord Obstrucción
6TRK46 kmRiver PrimeroRiver PérezHambruna Pass, River Pérez
7MTB161 kmRiver PérezEstancia River CaletaRiver Verde, southeast coast of Seno Otway, River Grande
8TRK91 kmEstancia River CaletaMonte Tarn SummitBrunswick, south of Lake Parrillar, Monte Tarn
9KYK41 kmMonte Tarn SummitAgua FrescaMagallanes Strait
10MTB30 kmAgua FrescaPunta ArenasRoute 9
PATAGONIAN EXPEDITION RACE® 2012 / Ninth Edition / 14 – 24 February
PER 2012 – DisciplinesFromToGeographical References & Notes
1MTB75 kmPunta ArenasVoces Bahía (Bay)Route 9, Agua Fresca, Fort Bulnes
2KYK24 kmVoces Bahía (Bay)Puerto ArturoMagallanes Strait, Dawson Island, Fjord Owen, Canal (Channel) Whiteside
3TRK76 kmPuerto ArturoRiver GrandeRiver Cóndor, Lake Escondido
4MTB140 kmRiver GrandeKarukinka (WCS)Rusffin, Pampa Guanacos, Vicuña
5TRK142 kmKarukinka (WCS)Canal (Channel) BeagleRiver Sánchez, Valley Profundo, Azopardo, Paso de las Nieves (Snow Pass), Paso de las Lagunas (Lakes Passing), Paso Glaciar (Glacier Pass)
6KYK47 kmCanal (Channel) BeagleFjord PíaGlacier Pía
PATAGONIAN EXPEDITION RACE® 2011 / Eighth Edition / 8 – 18 February
PER 2011 – DisciplinesFromToGeographical References & Notes
1MTB60 kmHotel Las TorresLake GreyTorres del Paine National Park, Lake Amarga, Lake Pehoe, River Paine
2KYK47 kmLake GreyMonte (Mount) BalmacedaRiver Grey, River Serrano
3TRK73 kmMonte BalmacedaFjord of the MountainsLake Balmaceda, Témpanos, River Azul, Paso Profundo, Fjord Worsley, Puente de Roca
4KYK58 kmFjord of the MountainsBahía (Bay) CaribeFjord de las Montañas, north coast Peninsula Muñoz Gamero
5TRK191 kmBahía (Bay) CaribePuesto (Post) Las NievesMonte (Mount) Burney east, Lake Muñoz Gamero, Fjord Obstrucción, Fjord Skyring, River Blanco, Hambruna Pass
6MTB188 kmPuesto (Post) Las NievesPali AikeTorres del Paine National Park, Lake Amarga, Lake Pehoe, River Paine
PATAGONIAN EXPEDITION RACE® 2010 / Seventh Edition / 9 – 19 February
PER 2010 – DisciplinesFromToGeographical References & Notes
1KYK8 kmPunta DelgadaBahía (Bay) AzulFirst Angostura Magallanes Strait
2TRK16 kmBahía (Bay) AzulTierra del FuegoNortheast coast of Tierra del Fuego, Punta Baja
3MTB110 kmTierra del FuegoEstancia Blanca AdrianaY-65, Y-665, Y-725, River Óscar, Estancia China Creek
4TRK55 kmEstancia Blanca AdrianaBloque ErráticoCañadón Grande, Cueva (Cave) Tres Arroyos, Nómadas del Pleistoceno
5MTB178 kmBloque ErráticoLodge Lake DeseadoY-895, Estancia River Chico, Estancia Las Flores, Pampa Guanacos, Vicuña (Karukinka, WCS)
6TRK114 kmLodge Lake DeseadoBahía (Bay) YendegaíaValle Profundo (Deep Valley), River Azopardo, Paso de las Lagunas (Lakes Passing), River Lapataia
7KYK46 kmBahía (Bay) YendegaíaBahía (Bay) WulaiaCanal (Channel) Beagle
8TRK35 kmBahía (Bay) WulaiaEstancia Santa RosaMonte (Mount) King Scott, Finish Line northern coast of Navarino Island
PATAGONIAN EXPEDITION RACE® 2009 / Sixth Edition / 10 – 20 February
PER 2009 –
FromToGeographical References & Notes
1KYK90 kmLake GreyEstancia PeralesRiver Grey, River Serrano y Fjord Última Esperanza
2MTB91 kmEstancia PeralesLake PintoMilodón, Puerto Prat, Puerto Natales, River Hollenberg
3TRK50 kmLake PintoRiver PérezPared de roca (Rock Wall), Altos Estancia Skyring
4MTB135 kmRiver PérezRancho SutivanCruce (Cross) River Verde, southern coast of Riesco Island
5KYK82 kmRancho SutivanBahía (Bay) IsabelSeno Otway, Fjord Wickhand, Lake Caballero, River Batchelor, Magallanes Strait
6TRK114 kmBahía (Bay) IsabelCabo FrowardRiver San Bernabe, River San José, River del Oro, River Nodales, Cruz de los Mares
PATAGONIAN EXPEDITION RACE® 2008 / Fifth Edition / 12 – 21 February
PER 2008 – DisciplinesFromToGeographical References & Notes
1MTB126 kmPorvenirPuesto (Post) El ConsejoVía (Track) Cordón Baquedano, Puerto Nuevo, Onaisin, River Marazzi
2TRK18 kmPuesto El ConsejoRussfinIntertwined section of pampas and woods
3MTB27 kmRussfinRiver GrandeRefugio Lake Escondido
4TRK110 kmRiver GrandeChorrillo Los PerrosLake Escondido, River Cóndor, southern sedction of Lake Lynch and Lake Blanco
5MTB57 kmChorrillo Los PerrosCollado GenskowskiLake Deseado
6TRK46 kmCollado GenskowskiLa PacienciaKarukinka Mountains, River Sánchez
7KYK25 kmLa PacienciaFjord ParryFjord Almirantazgo, Bahía (Bay) Blanca
8TRK60 kmFjord ParryBahía (Bay) YendegaiaPaso de la Muerte (Death Pass), Valley Lapataia, River Yendegaia
9KYK30 kmBahía (Bay) YendegaiaPuerto NavarinoCanal (Channel) Beagle
10MTB54 kmPuerto NavarinoPuerto WilliamsNorthern coast of Navarino Island
PATAGONIAN EXPEDITION RACE® 2007 / Fourth Edition / 11 – 25 February
PER 2007 – DisciplinesFromToGeographical References & Notes
1MTB148 kmTorres del PaineRiver GolondrinaPorteria Serrano, Route Y-290, Milodón, Puerto Prat, Puerto Natales, Lake Pinto
2TRK83 kmRiver GolondrinaRiver NutriaCoast Fjord Obstrucción, east if River Azocar, coast Fjord Skyring, Bahía (Bay) Williams
3MTB104 kmRiver NutriaCabo LeónCross River Verde, northern coast of Riesco Island, Rocallosa
4TRK63 kmCabo LeónRiver BoerWestern coast of Lake Riesco, Rancho Sutivan
5KYK310 kmRiver BoerPuerto ArturoFjord Otway, Fjord Wickham, Lake Caballero, River Bachelor, Magallanes Strait, Canal (Channel) Gabriel
6TRK28 kmPuerto ArturoPuerto YartouCoast of Tierra del Fuego, River Cóndor
7MTB200 kmPuerto YartouLake DeseadoRiver Caleta, Cameron, Rusffin, River Grande, Pampa Guanacos, VicuñaVerde, northern coast of Riesco Island, Rocallosa
8TRK92 kmLake DeseadoBahía (Bay) YendegaiaRiver Azopardo, Lake Fagnano, River Betbeder, River Toledo, Paso de las Lagunas (Lakes Passing), River Lapataia
9KYK30 kmBahía (Bay) YendegaiaPuerto NavarinoCanal (Channel) Beagle
10MTB54 kmPuerto NavarinoPuerto WilliamsNorthern coast of Navarino Island
PATAGONIAN EXPEDITION RACE® 2006 / Third Edition / 12 – 23 February
PER 2006 – DisciplinesFromToGeographical References & Notes
1KYK60 kmPunta DúngenesBahía (Bay) PosesiónMagallanes Strait
2MTB233 kmBahía (Bay) PosesiónRiver RubensMorro Chico, Estancia Berta
3TRK63 kmRiver RubensFjord ObstrucciónEstancia Berta, Estancia Lake Pinto, Escuela
4KYK144 kmFjord ObstrucciónCabo LeónFjord Obstrucción, Paso de Indios (Natives Passing), Lake Muñoz Gamero, Fjord Excelsior, Fjord Skyring
5TRK66 kmCabo LeónRancho SutivanWestern section of Lake Riesco
6KYK50 kmRancho SutivanFjord Silva PalmaSeno Otway, Angostura Titus
7TRK112 kmFjord Silva PalmaRiver San PedroRiver Fariña, River del Oro, River San Nicolas, coast of Magallanes Strait
8MTB65 kmRiver San PedroPunta ArenasRoute 9, River San Juan, Fuerte Bulnes, Agua Fresca
PATAGONIAN EXPEDITION RACE® 2005 / Second Edition / 12 – 21 February
PER 2005 – DisciplinesFromToGeographical References & Notes
1MTB95 kmCerro GuidoLake GreyParque Nacional Torres del Paine, Laguna Amarga, Lake Pehoe, River Paine, Lake Toro
2KYK90 kmLake GreyPeralesLake Toro
3MTB91 kmPeralesLake PintoMilodon, Puerto Prat, Puerto Natales, River Hollenberg
4TRK91 kmLake PintoRiver PérezPared de roca (Rock Wall), Lake Pinto, altos de (upper streams of) River Pérez
5MTB109 kmRiver PérezRancho SutivanCross River Verde, Southern coast of Riesco Island, River Grande
6KYK50 kmRancho SutivanFjord Silva PalmaSeno Otway, Angostura Titus
7TRK111 kmFjord Silva PalmaCabo FrowardRiver Fariña, River del Oro, River Nodales
8KYK25 kmCabo FrowardFaro (Lighthouse) San IsidroMagallanes Strait
PATAGONIAN EXPEDITION RACE® 2004 / First Edition / 15 – 23 February
PER 2004 – DisciplinesFromToGeographical References & Notes
1MTB84 kmPorvenirPuerto NuevoTierra del Fuego, Cordón Baquedano
2KYK64 kmPuerto NuevoCabo CameronBahía (Bay) Inútil
3MTB71 kmCabo CameronPuerto ArturoPuerto Yartou, River Cóndor
4TRK23 kmPuerto ArturoFjord AlmirantazgoMountain Traverse
5KYK57 kmFjord AlmirantazgoLa PacienciaFjord Almirantazgo
6TRK117 kmLa PacienciaBahía (Bay) YendegaiaLake Deseado, River Azopardo, Lake Fagnano, River Betbeder, River Toledo, Paso de las Lagunas (Lakes Passing), River Lapataia
7KYK47 kmBahía (Bay) YendegaiaPuerto NavarinoCanal (Channel) Beagle
8MTB57 kmPuerto NavarinoPuerto WilliamsNorthern coast of Navarino Island

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