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The Leged Will Be Continued...


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The Leged Will Be Continued...

14th Edition | Since 2004
The Adventure at the End of the World
Patagonia, Chile
  • One of the 'Ten Great Races in Amazing Places'
    National Geographic
  • One of the '50 Experiences to Try Before You Die'
    CNN International
  • World's Wildest Race
  • One of the World's Toughest Sporting Contests
    New York Times
  • One of the 'Best Reads of 2010'
  • The World's Toughest Adventure Race
  • The World's Greatest Adventure in Chile
    National Geographic Chile
  • It Takes Place in one of the Most Stunning Landscapes in the World
    Australian Geographic
  • La Gara di Resistenza Piu Dura e Affascinante del Mondo
  • The Last Wild Race
The Adventure at the End of the World

Patagonian Expedition Race® is an adventure race carried out in a non-stop expedition format through the wild nature of Southern Patagonia, usually also called “The Last Wild Race.” The expedition is completed in mixed teams of four members that must remain together throughout its duration, covering distances greater than 500 km while facing sections of mountaineering, trekking, trail running, mountain biking and kayaking.

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14 Editions | Patagonia, Chile

Between 2004 and 2018, 14 editions of the race have taken place, which overall amounts to more than 7800 km of Chilean Patagonia’s southernmost region. Each event has included 6 to 10 race sections, alternating between gravel or mountain biking, trekking across wild and mountainous areas, and kayaking through large rivers, lakes and fjords. In total, those 7800 km correspond to 96 sections of racing, totalling more than 3600 km on bike, over 2600 km of trekking and more than 1500 km of kayaking.

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136 teams | 55% have crossed the finish line

The next edition of Patagonian Expedition Race® will be announced soon! This will be the fourteenth edition of the race and will have a maximum time limit of 10 days.

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