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Patagonian Discovery Challenge

Patagonian Discovery Challenge

For more than ten years, in the wildest and the southern most region of Patagonia, we have been developing an event that the international press has named “The Last Wild Race”: The Patagonian Expedition Race®. However, many runners, mountain climbers and followers have cultivated an idea of discovering pristine terrain without the pressure of competing with one another. Therefore, we have created a new experience that would make this idea a reality: The Patagonian Discovery Challenge.

[wpspoiler name=”What is the Patagonian Discovery Challenge?” style=”wpui-redmond”]It is a noncompetitive expedition that takes place in the same area as the Patagonian Expedition Race®. Each night during the expedition, all teams will meet in a campsite, which are all planned in advance and included in the maps.  The teams will have the option to go through the expedition with the organizers or independently. Should the teams choose to move forward separately, they would have to navigate with a compass and a map (the use of GPS is allowed). The details of the expedition route will be presented a day before the start of the expedition.[/wpspoiler]

[wpspoiler name=”What disciplines are included in this challenge?” style=”wpui-redmond”]The Patagonian Discovery Challenge will be a purely terrestrial expedition. Therefore, the fundamental lessons will be trekking through mountains, forests and peat, which suggests that there may be instances of crossing rivers and using ropes.[/wpspoiler]

[wpspoiler name=”What is the difficulty level and physical demands of this challenge?” style=”wpui-redmond”]Considering moderate conditions, we will be walking for 8 to 10 hours a day. The degree of difficulty will depend in the terrain each day. The physical demand will be medium to high due to the amount of movement within long periods of time in an isolated territory.[/wpspoiler]

[wpspoiler name=”What are the dates and where will it start? ” style=”wpui-redmond” ]The first Patagonian Discovery Challenge will take place between the 7th to the 15th of February, 2015. Participants will have be in the city of Punta Arenas, Chile on Saturday, 7th of February, 2015 to attend the presentation of the map, which will be held at 19:00 – 20:00.

In total, the expedition will take place in eight days, which can be broken down to six days of expedition, a day to go the starting point and another day back to the city.


[wpspoiler name=”Where will the expedition take place?” style=”wpui-redmond”]Each year, the Patagonian Discovery Challenge will present a different route in the various areas of Patagonia. The first edition will take place in the marvelous Tierra del Fuego.[/wpspoiler]

[wpspoiler name=”How to participate?” style=”wpui-redmond”]To participate, one will have to form a group of at least two members and complete the application form. The Organization will take ten days to evaluate and confirm all applications. In order to confirm a team’s participation, each member must pay the registration fee.[/wpspoiler]

[wpspoiler name=”How much does it cost and what does it include?” style=”wpui-redmond”]Once selected, each member will have to pay the registration fee of 950 USD.

Includes: one night in the hotel with dinner (7 of February, Saturday), route map, map development, permit requirements, general logistics, transportation from Punta Arenas to the venue and back, communication satellites, satellite tracking, expedition guide, risk management and security, general operations and coordinations center, digital and video documentary.

Does not include: food, accommodations in the city, camping equipment, personal equipment and clothes, compass, GPS, health insurance and rescue, porters, other services not specified. (Should you need us to take care of your diet or some specific equipments or other services, you may contact us for additional costs.)


To read the rules and regulations of the Patagonian Discovery Challenge, click here.

If you have more questions, write us at info@patagonianexpeditionrace.com.

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