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Patagonian Expedition Race 2012, Patagonia, Chile, Trekking Stage, Team Expedition


One of the fundamental objectives of Patagonian Expedition Race® is to contribute to the conservation and the sustainable development of the Chilean Patagonia. In line with this goal, our efforts are focused on two main areas: environmental awareness and the promotion of the region’s tourism, which are all geared into aiding in the sustainable development of its local communities.

1. Raise environmental awareness

We also encourage people to live an active and eco-friendly lifestyle. By providing such opportunities, we hope to invite more people to discover and experience the natural gems of our world. Through our endeavors, we hope to awaken a consciousness that respects, protects and conserves these places that are filled with positive energy. Thus, everyday will be a choice for a healthy and environmentally conscious lifestyle.

2. Promote tourism in Patagonia

Through the event, we seek to promote tourism within the region as we contribute in adding value to the patrimonial gems of this area and encourage sustainable development in the local communities. Instead of promoting the raw materials of these natural treasures, we offer a one of a kind experience in these pristine areas. With the Patagonian Expedition Race®®, we render an experience of a lifestyle to more than 30 countries.