Save the Huemul and Win

Join us on a trek through unexplored wilderness, discover breathtaking Patagonian scenery, and get the chance to see Chile’s national symbol, the huemul. Help scientists track their natural patterns and collect samples to determine their population status. Get the experience of a lifetime.

The PATAGONIAN EXPEDITION RACE® takes place in one of the last true wilderness regions on the planet – and we are offering you the chance to enter a contest to win a trip to Chilean Patagonia and explore the region with international elite researchers. The race, which was created to help protect Chilean Patagonia, drawsteams from around the world to gain exposure and promote environmental awareness of this beautiful place.

The race takes the teams through deep fjords, twisted forests, glaciers, and snowy mountains. It sees competitors kayak, bike, and trek non-stop for 10 days with only a map and compass to guide them – and the upcoming 2012 focuses on the amazing region of fjords and mountains around the Southern Continental Ice Field.

Now, this very region needs our help more than ever. One of Chile’s most precious animals, the huemul, is in threat of extinction. This year the race organizers, Nómadas Outdoor Services®, have teamed up with the Institute of Animal Sciences at the University Austral in Chile to raise money for the research and exploration of the huemul.

Nómadas Outdoor Services® wants to bring you to Chilean Patagonia for 10 days in September 2012 to join wildlife biologists on a conservation expedition of a lifetime. This contest is open worldwide to people who donate to the Huemul Conservation Project through the PATAGONIAN EXPEDITION RACE®’s website via PayPal. Contestants must then write a brief summary about why they want to go on a conservation expedition. The winner will be announced in August and will be flown to Chilean Patagonia to join a group of elite scientific researchers and trek across the wilderness to study thehuemul in September.

How to Enter:


The objective of this raffle is to compel people to donate funds to the Huemul Conservation Project. In order to qualify, a minimum donation of $2.00(USD) must be donated via PayPal, followed by a brief statement, e-mailed to, of why you want to join the researches on this exploration. Please include your name, age, and location within the e-mail.

“Exploring Patagonia is such an adventure. There is so much to see and discover that any amount of time seems short,” says Stjepan Pavicic, founder of Nómadas Outdoor Services® and race director. “Every expedition is unique as nothing is ever the same as it was before. The colors change from one moment to the next, grays turn to yellow, red, or green depending on the ground, the position of the clouds and the sun. There are also a variety ofinteresting animals like the huemul. There is always something to be discovered when you’re in Chilean Patagonia.”

In order to provide the funds necessary for this prize, Nómadas Outdoor Services must be able to reach $25,000(USD) by August 2012. If Nómadas Outdoor Services does not reach $25,000 (USD) by August, the expedition will not take place.s

*Those affiliated in any way with the Wenger Patagonian Expedition Race or with Nòmadas Outdoor Services are not allowed to enter this contest.