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The PATAGONIAN EXPEDITION RACE log is full with great adventures and unforgettable experiences that have marked the lives of not only racers, but the staff and the press as well. During the expedition races, we have discovered and explored one of the most untouched and isolated places in this world: Southern Chilean Patagonia, in the southern most end of South America. With nine consecutive editions we have covered over 5600 kilometers in race routes. However, what is fundamental in the PATAGONIAN EXPEDITION RACE is not the distance, but the direct contact with wild nature that sets obstacles and day after day amazes us with fauna, magical landscapes and above all, unpredictable weather. Athletes from over 25 countries have already taken part in this life time experience called the PATAGONIAN EXPEDITION RACE including USA, Canada, Japan, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, France, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Czech Republic, Turkey, Mexico, Columbia, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, and Chile.